Learn English through songs

13 Dec

Hi there!

Would you like to learn English in a fun way? Then try these websites:

Vocatic: it’s a new place where you can learn English on your own. Still growing, but worth a look. I recommend you to try 2 of their offers:

  • Subscribe to their “Musicmail” and you’ll have access to worksheets and podcasts about learning English with songs.
  • Participate in their CONCURSO and you’ll be able to win a trip to Barcelona (2 plane tickets + 1 week accommodation).

Songfacts: would you like to understand the meaning of your favourite songs? Then this is your site. Visit it and tell us about it.

– In the mood for playing? Then try these games from Tune into English, a great website to learn your favourite language. You can also design your pop star in your Pop Studio, or go and try the Sound Factory.

– If you want to focus on grammar, spelling and pronunciation, then you should go to Letslets, a place specially designed for students of English. You can also try Citycol, a place where you can listen to songs and fill the gaps.

– And last but not least, why not visit this wonderful Karaoke website from home? We’ve tried it in class and you enjoyed it, didn’t you?

Have fun!


Learning English with videos

29 Nov

Hello everyone! Long time no see…

I thought I could give you something to do on this grey day. Why don’t you check out the following websites? We’ve talked about them in class (except for the last one), but it would be nice to remind you about them:



Real English: This site contains videos for beginners and pre-intermediate learners of English. They help you revise things we see in class, so it’s good practice for you all. Each video has some exercises and optional subtitles.



Video Jug: here you can find hundreds of “how-to” videos, that is, videos that show you how to do things related to language, beauty, fashion, cooking, technology, cars, dating… There are lots of topics for you to choose from. It doesn’t have subtitles, I’m afraid.




And last but not least, you can visit yappr, a great site where you can

  • watch videos (with their transcription in English and their translation into Spanish)
  • follow a course appropriate to your level
  • and improve your pronunciation.


Pronunciation of the past

22 Oct

Hey there!

I know some of you (and myself) are concerned about the pronunciation of past verbs. No need to panic! I’ll organize the info in 2 parts:

  1. Pronunciation of irregular verbs: go to the following websites:
    • This is a list of verbs with their phonetic transcription.
    • There are many games online to revise the form of irregular pasts. In this game, you have to spell the past of the verb suggested. This is a concentration and matching game; if you want to play with someone else, you can try this game.
    • Fun videos: listen and repeat.

2.  Pronunciation of regular verbs (-ed):

  • Short interactive lesson here.
  • Our mate Saro Rosales wrote a nice post about the subject. Worth a look! I specially liked the audio presentation.
  • Extra explanation here.
  • BBC Grammar Challenge here. You can listen to the lesson and download it; you can also read the instructions and do the exercises. It’s very complete!


The word of the week: listen to definitions of words

9 Oct

Hi everyone!

Do you remember the most important lesson of the year? Ok, then you’ll be happy to discover this website where you can listen to definitions of words.

Who gives the definitions? English children! They also give a little example each time.

If you have time, visit the whole website: it has many different and interesting sections, such as:


Listening exercises

Short stories to read and listen to.

Guidelines to write stories

And many more.

When you visit the website, tell us: did you like it? What sections did you visit? What did you enjoy most? Do you find it useful?